Amazing Mrs. Holliday


Amazing Mrs. Holliday

An American schoolteacher pretends she's the widow of a wealthy sailor to escape war-torn China with eight orphans. But when the truth comes out, she risks losing everything - including her heart - in this World War II family adventure. Deanna Durbin is superb as the new "Mrs. Holliday" determined to find a safe home in America for the children. Barry Fitzgerald is hilarious as the first mate who helps install Durbin and the kids in the huge mansion of his former boss. Edmond O'Brien, as the old Commodore's grandson, is captivated by his new family, even when he discovers Ms. Holliday's little secret. But the surprises aren't over yet in this heartwarming classic filled with outstanding performances and Academy Award nominated music.


  • Deanna Durbin

  • Edmond O'Brien

  • Barry Fitzgerald


Bruce Manning


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Amazing Mrs. Holliday

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  • Musical
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