Screen legend John Wayne pays tribute to oil field legend "Red" Adair, as Wayne plays Chance Buckman, a colorful Texan who tames out-of-control infernos in exotic locations around the world. He's joined by a crew that includes Jack Lomax (Jay C. Flippen), Joe Horn (Bruce Cabot), and his assistant, Greg Parker (Jim Hutton). Between blazes Chance "carries the torch" for Madelyn, the wife who left him 20 years earlier because of his dangerous lifestyle, and Greg has his hands full at the poker table and in the bedroom with Chance's spunky daughter, Tish (Katharine Ross).

Directed by action veteran, Andrew V. McLaglen, this film features spectacular special effects and exciting locations in Texas and Wyoming. As the Duke said, "I've made a lot of action movies, but never one as exciting as Hellfighters.


  • John Wayne

  • Katharine Ross

  • Jim Hutton

  • Vera Miles

  • Jay C. Flippen

  • Bruce Cabot


Andrew V. McLaglen


Bonus Features

  • Production Notes
  • Cast and Filmmakers
  • Storyboards

Technical Information

  • Run Time: 122
  • MPAA Rating: G ()
  • Audio: English, Spanish
  • Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
  • English SDH, Spanish, French
  • Picture: Widescreen (2.35:1)

  • G
  • Action Adventure
  • 122min