The Office: Season 9


The Office: Season 9

The Dunder Mifflin crew bid farewell to their own little corner of Scranton in the hilarious ninth-- and final-- season of the groundbreaking, Primetime Emmy® Award-winning hit series, The Office. Andy is back as regional manager, but finds his true calling is in showbiz. Will this finally put Dwight in charge? Jim lands the job of his dreams in Philadelphia, which means big changes for Pam and Darryl. Back at the office, Erin struggles with matters of the heart, Nellie meddles in everyone's affairs, and Angela discovers that her dream marriage isn't quite what it seems. And then, the documentary that has been following these quirky co-workers for nine seasons finally airs, and nothing will ever be the same.

Developed for American Television by Primetime Emmy® Award winner Greg Daniels, watch the final episodes back to back and uninterrupted in this 5 disc set, featuring over 2 hours of outrageous bonus content including deleted scenes, bloopers and more!


  • Ed Helms

  • Rainn Wilson

  • John Krasinski

  • Jenna Fischer


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The Office: Season 9 The Office: Season 9

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